House Lit Up,victorian,electrify,wallpaper,miniature,gallery,doll,house,small,dollhouse,dollhouse wallpaper,farmhouse,storyland,porch
victorian,electrify,wallpaper,miniature,gallery,dollhouse wallpaper,doll,house,small,dollhouse,farmhouse,storyland,porch

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dollhouse,farmhouse,storyland,porch,miniature,dollhouse wallpaper,gallery,doll,house,
small,victorian,electrify,wallpaper victorian,electrify,wallpaper,miniature,gallery,dollhouse wallpaper,doll,house,small,dollhouse,farmhouse,storyland,porch
The Farmhouse by Dura-Craft!

     This is the front of the Farmhouse with its 12 volt lighting on!  This eight room country classic farmhouse features a sweeping porch with curved steps.  I strayed away from the directions and bricked the steps.  The working double hung windows and front door are silk screened.  The foundation and chimney are detailed brickwork featuring two electrified marble fireplaces.  The first floor and porch is hand laid single strip hard wood flooring which took my kids and I seven hours to complete.  The roof is covered with individually glued split redwood shakes along with gutters and downspouts.  The exterior is tongue and groove clapboard siding finished with a custom blue latex paint.  Its kind of dark due to taking the picture at night with no lights on in the room.  These miniature lights do so much to enhance the appearance!  It was quite a job electrifying the house.  I used special two conductor copper tape throughout the house and it is powered with a hefty 20 watt transformer capable of running 33 lights.  I have designed the tour of my dollhouse pages to display the outside then inside.  Follow the links to the right for more pictures of The Farmhouse.

     The links to the left provide current marine and local weather reports, extended local weather reports, tide charts and the U. S. Coast Guard Navigation Center, featuring GPS information, DGPS sites (which are a must for anyone with a differential GPS), LORAN-C information, Local Notice to Mariners plus a boat load of miscellaneous navigational links, my Site Map and Link List.  Although most of the links to the left provide local information, my out of state visitors can also find nationwide marine and weather information.

     The remaining links to the right have my Boating, Fishing, Knot Tying (fishing and boating knot tying instructions with pictures and some animations), Fish Fileting and Tackle Tips pages.  My Fish Species Page has color pictures of the most popular fish caught off the Massachusetts coast along with information such as their reproduction, habitat, food they eat, fishing season, angling tips, handling and cooking.  Following these are my Search Engine pages, one with short descriptions and another in a table form, plus my Research Page.  Last but not least, is my other dollhouse, The Garfield!  These keep me busy in the winter.

     This page is best viewed at a resolution of 800 x 600.

     As you visit my pages you will notice I love animation.  Feel free to copy any of the animations.

     Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are having trouble locating marine, boating, fishing, tackle information or have any questions!

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victorian,electrify,wallpaper,miniature,gallery,doll,house,dollhouse wallpaper,small,dollhouse,farmhouse,storyland,porch

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victorian,electrify,wallpaper,miniature,gallery,doll,house,dollhouse wallpaper,small,dollhouse,farmhouse,storyland,porch

In Natural Sunlight
Corner View
First Floor Hall
The Living Room
Second Floor Hall
Master Bedroom
Third Floor Guest Room
Rear View with the Lights Off
Rear View with the Lights On
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victorian,electrify,wallpaper,miniature,gallery,doll,house,dollhouse wallpaper,small,dollhouse,farmhouse,storyland,porch

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victorian,electrify,wallpaper,miniature,gallery,doll,house,dollhouse wallpaper,small,dollhouse,farmhouse,storyland,porch

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