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saltwater fishing,bluefish,stripers,flounder,sport,uni-knot,fishing,travel,boating,game,state fish,deep sea fishing,half hitch,service,water,search,e z ty rope clamp,loran program,boat ramp,haddock,plav,albright knot,what,get,bowline,square knot,haywire twist,state,sheet bend,clinch knot,Berkley knot,convert loran td to gps,lures,website,information,reel,spool,arbor,tying line,snell,hook,figure eight,figure 8,anchor bend,about,web,uniknot,news,find,sites,how,massachusetts,weather,regulations,bass,supplies,fisherman,tides,codfish,mackerel,tackle,marine,loran,palomar knot,gps saltwater fishing,sport,lures,boat ramp,haddock,plav,bluefish,stripers,website,half hitch,state fish,clinch knot,Berkley knot,deep sea fishing,uni-knot,convert loran td to gps,information,about,web,news,find,albright knot,sites,figure eight,figure 8,bowline,how,sheet bend,uniknot,flounder,e z ty rope clamp,haywire twist,loran program,what,get,state,fishing,travel,regulations,bass,supplies,reel,spool,arbor,tying line,snell,hook,square knot,fisherman,boating,game,massachusetts,codfish,mackerel,weather,tides,palomar knot,tackle,marine,loran,gps
     The Bowline (BOH'-LIN) is considered the boaters' prime knot.  It is used to make a fixed-size loop in a line.  The bowline is used to tie sheets and halyards (control lines) to sails, to temporarily tie a rode (anchor line) to an anchor, tie a fender to a cleat/rail or, using one knot on each line, tie together 2 lines of different diameters.  Two bowlines tied close together can be used to make an emergency bowswain's chair to go up the mast or bring an injured person aboard.
The benefits of the bowline are in its loop that will not slip, and in its ability to be untied after being exposed to a strain.
To tie a bowline:
  • Begin with a small overhand loop (the loop goes over the standing part - attached or long end of the line.)  Be sure to leave enough in the bitter end (free end) to form the loop.
  • Form the loop of desired size.
  • Pass the bitter end up through the small loop, around the standing part, and back through the small loop, this time going down.
  • Tighten it up.
  • 67% - 75% line breaking strength remaining.
You know you have it correct when the bitter end is in the inside of the loop.
Follow the boating and fishing knot links to the right for more clear pictures, directions and some animations on how to tie several popular boating and fishing knots.

     The links to the left provide current marine and local weather reports, extended local weather reports, tide charts and the U. S. Coast Guard Navigation Center, featuring GPS information, DGPS sites (which are a must for anyone with a differential GPS), LORAN-C information, Local Notice to Mariners plus a boat load of miscellaneous navigational links and my Site Map.  Although most of the links to the left provide local information, my out of state visitors can also find nationwide marine and weather information.

      The remaining links to the right have my Boating, Fishing, Fish Species, Fish Fileting and Tackle Tips pages.  Following those are my Search Engine pages, one with short descriptions and another in a table form, plus my Research Page.  Last but not least, is my Doll House Gallery featuring the Farmhouse and The Garfield!  These keep me busy in the winter.

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lures,bluefish,stripers,uni-knot,flounder,codfish,mackerel,saltwater,tackle,reel,spool,arbor,tying line,boat ramp, plav,travel,weather,sport,uniknot,massachusetts,clinch knot,half hitch,Berkley knot,game,tides,boating,haddock,albright knot,regulations,bass,e z ty rope clamp,loran program,what,get,sheet bend,state,anchor bend,bowline,supplies,fisherman,haywire twist,marine,website,information,about,web,news,find,sites,how,figure eight,figure 8,saltwater fishing,fishing,gps,loran,square knot,state fish,deep sea fishing,snell,hook,palomar knot,convert loran td to gps

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tackle,travel,regulations,bass,supplies,fisherman,reel,spool,arbor,tying line,sport,haywire twist,massachusetts,stripers,uniknot,flounder,half hitch,clinch knot,Berkley knot,codfish,mackerel,game,tides,boating,marine,weather,sheet bend,bowline,website,information,about,albright knot,web,news,haddock,loran program,boat ramp,uni-knot,plav,what,get,state,service,water,search,e z ty rope clamp,find,sites,how,saltwater fishing,fishing,lures,state fish,figure eight,figure 8,deep sea fishing,convert loran td to gps,square knot,bluefish,gps,loran,snell,hook,palomar knot,saltwater

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tackle,half hitch,bowline,travel,anchor bend,regulations,bass,supplies,fisherman,sport,haywire twist,massachusetts,stripers,uniknot,flounder,clinch knot,Berkley knot,codfish,mackerel,game,tides,boating,marine,weather,sheet bend,website,information,about,albright knot,web,news,square knot,haddock,loran program,reel,spool,arbor,tying line,boat ramp,uni-knot,plav,what,get,state,service,water,search,e z ty rope clamp,find,figure eight,figure 8,sites,how,saltwater fishing,fishing,lures,state fish,deep sea fishing,convert loran td to gps,bluefish,gps,loran,snell,hook,palomar knot,saltwater

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tackle,travel,regulations,haywire twist,bass,supplies,fisherman,sport,massachusetts,uni-knot,stripers,flounder,codfish,mackerel,game,bowline,anchor bend,reel,spool,arbor,tying line,sheet bend,uniknot,tides,boating,marine,weather,website,information,half hitch,about,web,news,albright knot,haddock,loran program,boat ramp,plav,what,get,state,service,clinch knot,Berkley knot,water,search,e z ty rope clamp,find,sites,how,saltwater fishing,fishing,lures,state fish,deep sea fishing,convert loran td to gps,figure eight,figure 8,square knot,bluefish,gps,loran,snell,hook,palomar knot,saltwater

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lures,bowline,bluefish,stripers,flounder,codfish,haywire twist,mackerel,loran program,what,get,state,service,uniknot,water,search,e z ty rope clamp,sheet bend,boat ramp,uni-knot,plav,haddock,saltwater fishing,sport,fishing,travel,boating,game,clinch knot,Berkley knot,regulations,half hitch,reel,spool,arbor,tying line,albright knot,website,information,about,web,news,find,sites,how,bass,figure eight,figure 8,square knot,supplies,massachusetts,weather,tides,fisherman,state fish,deep sea fishing,convert loran td to gps,tackle,palomar knot,marine,loran,snell,hook,gps

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